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Resio-Tech is an e-learning consultant set out to encourage alternative learning and teaching, for those who are comfortable with the traditional means of studies will also accept it as an added value, those who are not comfortable sees this as a new beginning.

We provide e-learning and service to professional bodies and academic institutions, we provide the e-portal platform for their content, we don't provide content, all we do is to provide the e-learning technical service to enable the portal run effectively.

  • Professional Bodies Institutions
  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • College of Educations
  • Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
  • Public, private, community schools
  • Corporate organisation remote training (in-house training from different Geo location)
  • Computer Based Tests (CBT) examination for corporate organisation (promotional examinations)


To create and develop alternative method for learning and teaching acceptable to those not comfortable with traditional style.


To make learning friendly to all, so that together we could build an enlightened society.


Encouraging multiple style of teaching and learning.

Blended Learning

We must allow change and partnership to do it better.

Online learning

Learning and teaching must be flexible without compromising quality.

Open college

We must provide an open platform where individuals can achieve their dreams.


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Our Team

Make it work

Let's built the coolest brands and products

Henry Okonmah

Founder, CEO

Sadiq Hassan

Software Developer

Let's solve complex challenges together.

We have built a serious team with accurate approach.

Chinyere Nnonyelum


John Doe

Designer, Co-founder

Our strengths are pure and ergonomic design.

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Things you must know!

Know what is right

02 February 2017

Must coperate training today are done through elearning and different location of offices those not affect the flow of training on the job.

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The Benefits of CBT Examinations

10 June 2015

Computer base test proofs to be the best test of knowledge because of its reliability, accuracy and detail result analysis. Must organisations today engage CBT for their assessment/promotional examination.

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Best way to train and not compromise quality

11 June 2015

Everybody needs training, but training must be done in a manner that the substance of training is not neglected and one way to do this is by creating flexibility in training because different people with different learning style. To pass the substance of training to the trainee some level of personal freedom becomes necessary to achieve success. .

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